Alem was imprisoned for three years at Mai Serwa military camp in
Eritrea, because of his Christian activities. He was held in a metal shipping container, beaten up with a plastic baton, and was often subjected to mindless hard labour.

When we first met Alem, in a refugee camp in Northern Ethiopia, he just looked like a dead man walking. No joy, no hope and a lot of emotional pain.

At that time Alem was desperate to see his wife and daughter who were still at risk in Eritrea. Every day he asked God to keep his family safe and bring them to him. God answered Alem’s prayers and he was reunited with his family. And, thanks to the generosity of Release supporters, he was able to open a small café in the refugee camp so he could provide for his family.

Alem has made a lot of friends in the camp and although life is still incredibly hard he now feels like a new person.

‘I have forgiven the persecutors who tore my body apart. I know that God wants us to love our ‘enemies’ and to pray for them. So, I will. And I will pray for Release supporters too who have sent us cards with words of encouragement. Thank you for your love and for the verses of Scripture you shared with us. You have encouraged us to remain faithful to the Lord.’

Alem, like so many Eritreans, still dreams of a nation where men and women are free to worship God and can enjoy peace, security and prosperity. Release offers vital support inside Eritrea and to Christians who have fled their homes and are living in refugee camps in Ethiopia.

Download the church response pack and use it in your church to pray for and support persecuted Christians like Alem.

A prayer from a Christian living in Eritrea

  • Please pray for protection for us as we share our faith under enormous pressure.
  • Pray for wisdom and for the Holy Sprit to lead us.
  • Pray for Christian prisoners, that God will strengthen their faith while in jail.
  • Pray for good health in spite of terrible conditions and that they will be released soon.
  • Pray for the church in Eritrea to be strong in faith, not to be in fear but to keep on declaring the Kingdom of God and sharing the Gospel with others.
  • Pray for justice to come to Eritrea.  Amen

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  1. susan jane gibbard nash says:

    praying for our brothers and sisters in ERITRIA IN JESUS

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