MEXICO: Release of Abducted Pastor

On March 29th, Pastor Pedro Vazquez was abducted for several days from his village in Chiapas by a violent group known as Chinchulines. During Pastor Pedro’s confinement in a nearby village, his family and members of the church congregation were very concerned for his safety.

Pastor Pedro works in an area where pastors and Christian workers have been threatened with death; and evangelical believers are often expelled from their communities, resulting in the loss of land, homes and crops.

While we can praise God for Pastor Pedro’s safe release, please intercede for him and his church, as well as others who are working in areas hostile to the Gospel. May these believers be further strengthened and encouraged to continue faithfully sharing God’s Word and demonstrating the love of Jesus. Ask the Lord to abundantly bless and multiply their efforts, resulting in a great harvest of lasting spiritual fruit in the lives of those from their communities and beyond — impacting the nation of Mexico as a whole.

Source: VOM Canada


  • That God would protect Christians, particularly converts, from the increasing violence committed against them by drug cartels and indigenous communities
  • That believers would not be excluded from basic social services in the southern states
  • For workers who provide immediate aid to those imprisoned, excluded from their communities, or deprived of livelihood and employment because of their faith.

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