Show God’s love by sending a card or letter to a Christian prisoner today

‘Sending a card is really the least we can do’ says Marty, who leads a small prayer group in County Down, Northern Ireland.

Each month her group of around ten women meets to pray for Christians who are in prison because of their faith — and to send cards that will bring hope and encouragement. Marty started the group in 2013 after taking part in a local Release Women conference.

‘We use the regular Prisoner Profiles which come with a photograph of the prisoner we are praying for, which are really helpful,’ she says.

‘The women who take part are genuinely compassionate. This is something that anyone can do – we can all reach out like this to our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. Show God’s love by sending a card or letter to a Christian prisoner today Prisoners of Faith

‘We need to be crying and weeping for our persecuted family: so how can we not pray and send cards?’

She adds:

‘These believers have so much to teach us: we are really the privileged ones.’

Supporter Marion from Charlwood, Surrey, who is in her 80s, is also passionate about sending cards, which she makes herself.

‘I cut out illustrations from books and old birthday cards, and always include a Bible verse and a short prayer. This is an important way of telling prisoners that they have not been forgotten. I pray that I will never tire of making these cards.’

To write to a Christian prisoner

Call: 01689 823491 or
We’ll send you everything you need by post or email

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  1. susan jane gibbard nash says:

    we send cards in our church to!


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