Our brother in Algeria is behind bars – for a Facebook post

Slimane Bouhafs, a Christian in Algeria, has  just been jailed for five years – because of a post he put on social media.

Pray for our brother who was convicted of ‘blasphemy’ for a post on Facebook in which he described the ‘light of Jesus overcoming the lie of Islam’. He also shared a photo of someone being executed by an Islamist terrorist.

The 49-year-old was arrested on July 31 in the Kabylie area of Steif province and interrogated in the absence of a lawyer. He appeared before a judge on August 7 and was given the maximum jail sentence for blasphemy under Algeria’s penal code – and a large fine.

His family and an Algerian human rights group appointed lawyers for him: the court claimed that he had decided to defend himself. The Protestant Church of Algeria says it intends to appeal against the verdict.


  • Pray that our brother will know God’s peace and protection. He is reported to suffer from a chronic illness. Pray that God will comfort his family too.
  • Pray that his appeal will be heard quickly and will be successful.
  • Pray for officials in Algeria, that they will start to see Christians as a force for good, rather a threat.

(Sources: Middle East Concern; Premier Radio)

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  1. susan jane gibbard nash says:

    I pray for our brother in Algeria protection and safety and the love of Christ for him and his family in jesus


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