Chinese pastor writes letter to his wife from prison

Chinese house church pastor Yang Hua recently wrote to his wife from prison, sharing good news of answered prayer, and reminding her of the eternal promises of God.

To my dear wife
I’m well!
It must be the result of everyone’s
prayers that my lower back pain is
no longer an issue. I sleep soundly
at night.
The Book of Isaiah says, ‘In
repentance and rest is your
salvation, in quietness and trust
is your strength’ (Isaiah 30:15).
It’s a kind of rest, staying inside.
You shouldn’t be too anxious.
It’s best to remain peaceful and
wait for God. God is omniscient.
I believe that He never makes a
Let’s pray and leave things to God.
Let’s carry the cross and hasten
down the road to heaven, until the
day we meet the Lord.
Always be happy and peaceful.
Never stop praying. Be grateful,
because that’s God’s will conveyed
through Jesus Christ.
Amen! Emmanuel!
Love, your husband

Send a card of encouragement to Pastor Yang:

Release International, PO Box 54,
BR5 4RT.

When writing, please do not mention Release International, advance your political opinions or include anything which could be insulting to the authorities.

To learn more about Pastor Yang Click here

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