Pakistan: Please pray for Asia and sign petition!

A long-awaited appeal against a death sentence for ‘blasphemy’ is reported to be scheduled for the second week of October for Asia Bibi (pictured), our Christian sister who is on death row in Pakistan. Asia has been in jail for seven years – ever since she got into a dispute with her fellow farm workers in Punjab. Pray she will be acquitted and set free.

Asia Bibi  has been on death row in Pakistan since 2010. Her crime? Telling co-workers about Jesus. For that she was accused and convicted under Pakistan’s widely misused blasphemy laws. And Asia is not alone in having suffered under these blasphemy laws. Minorities like Christians are often the target of accusations, sometimes made just to settle personal scores. These laws, which go against the guiding principles outlined by the country’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, have to change.

That is why we are again running a petition calling on Pakistan’s Government to repeal these iniquitous laws.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed – on paper or online. Please now help us reach at least 1,000 names online by forwarding this link to your contacts. We will be presenting the petition to the Pakistan authorities in the next few weeks so please act now.

Thanks to a previous petition we were able to raise the issue of Christian persecution with one national government and as a result have been involved in discussions to help end the suffering of Christian brothers and sisters. It doesn’t always happen, but every signature, every petition, every meeting is another step along the way to bringing change. Be part of it!

(Source: International Christian Concern)

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