CHINA: Our Chinese brother Zhang Kai needs urgent prayer!

Please pray for Christian lawyer Zhang Kai: security officials are close to his house in China and seem determined to put him back behind bars.

Zhang was only released from prison in March: he was held for eight months for representing Zhejiang churches whose crosses had been removed.

Last month, he gave a televised interview in which he appeared to criticise fellow lawyers arrested in China’s recent crackdown on human rights activists and lawyers.

Then, on Tuesday, a statement retracting that criticism appeared on Zhang’s social media feed. It said that he had been forced to smear his fellow lawyers, including Zhou Shifeng who was sentenced to seven years in prison for ‘subversion’ in August.

‘It was a forced act out of fear and I’m retracting all of my comments,’ the statement said. Zhang’s social media account has since been deleted. Now, Public Security Bureau officials are gathering at his home…


  • Pray that Zhang Kai will know that God is his ‘fortress, rock and deliverer’ (Psalm 18:2). Pray too that he will know God’s perfect peace and protection.
  • Pray that the official campaign to persecute lawyers and activists such as Zhang Kai will now cease. Pray for all those who are caught up in this crackdown, including Zhou Shifeng.
  • Pray that Zhejiang officials’ campaign to demolish churches and remove crosses will also now come to an end.

(Sources: ChinaAid; South China Morning Post)

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