SUDAN: Church school seized in Sudan as teachers branded ‘rebels’

We take education for granted in the UK: it’s a right our children are entitled to and it’s even protected in law. We certainly don’t expect armed police to turn up one day, take over the school and detain the staff.

But in Sudan things are different, especially if you’re Christian.

On Monday last week, armed police and government officials seized the property of a Christian school in Madani and arrested its teachers.

Please pray for Pastor Samuel Suliman and his staff at the church-run Evangelical Basic School. Pray for their 1,000 pupils too, who are now unable to attend class.

Samuel, the head teacher, and 12 other staff were held for eight hours of questioning before being released on bail.

Their Presbyterian school is in Al Jazirah state in the south-east of the country. They stand accused of supporting rebels who are fighting government troops in South Kordofan state further south: they all strongly deny the charge.

The Government’s assault on the Nuba Mountains area of South Kordofan is considered to be part of a wider campaign to rid Sudan of non-Arabs and Christianity. Many of the Nuba people are Christians and the region has sympathies with South Sudan.

The people of South Kordofan have yet to be allowed to vote on whether to be part of Sudan or South Sudan – even though this was promised under the 2005 peace agreement that ended the civil war.


  • Please pray for Pastor Samuel and his teaching team, that no charges will be brought against them.
  • Pray that the school property will be returned so that its pupils can resume their education.
  • Pray God’s peace and protection over all His people in Sudan as President Omar al-Bashir’s Government continues to put pressure on all non-Muslims.

(Source: Morning Star News)

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