SUDAN: ‘God holds the key to my cell’

 Czech aid worker Petr Jasek (pictured) has invested most of his life helping others. Right now he is in prison in Sudan for doing just that.

As a Christian, Petr loves to read the Bible especially the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote from his prison cell. Now in a letter Petr wrote from his own cell he reveals something of his faith and trust in God in the midst of a very difficult situation.

In his letter Petr says, ‘God holds the key to my cell. He will open the door in his timing.’

Please use this month’s Prisoners of Faith Alert to pray for Petr, for Sudan and for the three Sudanese brothers who have been arrested and charged with him. It includes actions you can take to help them such as writing to the Sudanese embassy in the UK on their behalf.

Our brothers and sisters behind bars need to know they are not forgotten: your support makes a world of difference. Thank you for your faithful prayers, gifts, letters and campaigning.

For help and advice on writing letters to prisoners of faith such as Petr, or to the authorities on their behalf, download our online guides Reach Out and Speak Out.

A Bhutanese pastor shares what it means for prisoners of faith to receive your cards and letters of encouragement. Click here

Release International supports Christian prisoners of faith prayerfully, pastorally and practically wherever they are imprisoned.

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