PAKISTAN: What if you or your child were accused of blasphemy?

In Pakistan, that’s every Christian’s nightmare. And that’s exactly what’s just happened to a family in Punjab.

An eight-year-old boy in one district has been accused of blasphemy after a copy of the Koran was allegedly set alight in his village.

Please pray that God will protect and comfort this child and his family.

A Christian MP intervened to secure the child’s release from police custody. Police have also since questioned a Christian man over the incident. Release partners believe the accusations could be linked to a local property dispute.

Our partners say that local Christians are fearful and several have fled their homes, fearing a backlash against their community.

Please pray

  • that this child and his family will experience God’s peace and put their complete trust in Him. Pray that they will know God as their ‘refuge in times of trouble’ (Nahum 1:7).
  • Thank God for the support that the MP and our partners have been able to give this family: ask God to protect them too. Pray the local police will uphold justice and seek out the truth in this case.
  • Pray for wisdom and courage for Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Government in the face of mounting religious intolerance and extremism.
  • Continue to pray for the repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws that are so often used to persecute minorities and settle petty scores. Sign our online petition calling on the Pakistani Government to scrap these laws.

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