Kazakhstan: Prankster’s call puts Christian behind bars for two years

Please pray for Kazakh Christian Yuri Pak, who has been sentenced to two years in prison after a fake call to the emergency services was made on his phone.

It would appear the Government in this majority Muslim country is using these false charges simply to persecute him because of his Christian witness and his involvement in a church. The church in which Yuri was a lay leader has services in both Russian, the official business language inherited from when Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union, and Kazakh, the majority language. Preaching Christianity in Kazak is viewed as trying to convert local Muslims.

Please also consider sending a Christmas card to his wife and two children assuring them of your support and prayers. Yuri himself is unable to receive any letters or other forms of communication.

Our brothers and sisters behind bars need to know they are not forgotten: your support makes a world of difference.

For help and advice on writing letters to prisoners of faith such as Yuri, or to the authorities on their behalf, download our online guides Reach Out and Speak Out.

Tohar Haydarov – Early release
Thank God for the unexpected release of Uzbek prisoner of faith Tohar Haydarov, who was freed early because of good behaviour. He had served nearly seven years of a ten-year sentence.

Yang Hua – Pre-trial meeting
Incarcerated house church pastor Yang Hua recently attended a pre-trial meeting in China’s central Guizhou province to discuss his case, which one of his lawyers predicts will be heard this month.

Zhang Kai – Letter of thanks
Christian lawyer Zhang Kai (right) who was released from prison earlier this year recently penned a letter thanking all those who prayed, supported and advocated on his behalf. He wrote:

‘Thanks to those comforted and cared for my parents when I was in trouble… I thank the friends, lawyers and the strangers who appealed for me and supported me. Thanks to all the Christians at home and overseas, who are praying for me all of the time.’

Release International supports Christian prisoners of faith prayerfully, pastorally and practically wherever they are imprisoned.

Thank you for supporting and engaging with Christians who have been imprisoned for their faith.

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