Freed prisoner makes a promise…

What would you promise yourself after spending more than a year in a prison in a foreign country? Perhaps you’d commit to never going back to that place again, or taking a year off to recuperate; perhaps enjoying a few good meals or sleeping in a comfortable bed again.

In an interview shortly after his release from prison in Sudan, Petr Jasek, who works for Release’s associate ministry, Voice of the Martyrs, made the following statement: ‘I personally have made the commitment to the Lord that I will be praying daily for those who are prisoners, everybody, because it is so important. We all needed prayers from you.’

Petr spoke of the comfort knowing that Christians were praying for him and his fellow prisoners.

Thank you for praying for Petr while he was in prison. Please use this month’s Prisoners of Faith Alert to keep him in your prayers now that he has been released, to remember Sudan and to uphold the two Sudanese nationals arrested with him who are still behind bars.

Prisoners need to know they are not forgotten: your support makes a world of difference. Thank you for your faithful prayers, gifts, letters and campaigning.

Release International supports prisoners of faith prayerfully, pastorally and practically wherever they are imprisoned.

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