What verse of Scripture would you grab onto if you were locked in prison for your faith? Petr Jasek, a Czech national and VOM’s* Africa regional director, was released last month after 445 days in prison in Sudan. Listen as he shares the verse that became a theme for him during those long months in prison.

It was not a verse about setting captives free. Instead, it was a verse about the holiness of God. It became a theme for Petr; he would use it to guide his prayers and recite it over and over each day throughout his imprisonment. M

editating on God’s holiness provided strength for Petr as his radical Muslim cellmates began to pressure, persecute and torture him.

Listen also for the story of the opportunity God provided that encouraged Petr as he began to lose hope after four months in prison. Petr’s story challenges each of us to think about how we deal with hardship or opposition, and reminds us to seek God’s plan and His will, even when we’re uncomfortable or suffering.

*Release International’s sister mission in the USA.


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