Thank you for praying for and writing on behalf of prisoners in Sudan. After 510 days in prison, Rev Hassan Abduraheem and Mr Abdulmonem Abdumawla were released on Thursday after receiving a presidential pardon. The two were arrested in December 2015 along with Voice of the Martyrs field worker Petr Jasek and Rev Kuwa Shamaal. Rev Shamaal was acquitted of all charges and released in January, while Petr Jasek was released in February, also after receiving a presidential pardon.

‘My joy is now complete as they are now free as well,’ Petr said following their release.

Petr spoke to Rev Abduraheem at about midnight Sudan time following his release on May 11. ‘He told me that both he and Abdulmonem were in good health and were excited and so happy to be free. He also expressed thanks to all of those who had pushed their case,’ Petr said.

Rev Abduraheem told Petr that he had no regrets about his time in prison because he could see the Lord’s purpose for him there. He was able to encourage Christians in various prisons in Sudan while his imprisonment also served to encourage and embolden the Sudanese church in general.

The pastor told Petr that he had already forgiven those who interrogated and imprisoned him and that he felt no anger or bitterness. ‘I pray that the Lord Jesus would reveal himself to them as Lord and Saviour,’ he said.

Please use this month’s Prisoners of Faith Alert to pray for Chinese Christians Zhao Weiliang and Cheng Hongpeng who have been in prison for almost three years.

Release International supports Christian prisoners of faith prayerfully, pastorally and practically wherever they are imprisoned.

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